Hi, I am Fred, I started shooting pictures in 1985 and never stopped.
In 1993, I set up as a freelance photographer and have been mostly working in the fields of advertising, press, corporate and on a lesser scale in interior design and architecture.
Mostly I love to meet people, discover amazing things and places, photography is my perfect excuse.
I have a passion for motorcycles and In 2009 I started the Stay True project, a visual exploration of the motorcycle world, which evolved in a "Mook", you can check it online here.
I am also most happy when I am traveling the world with my loved one, Sindy.
And of course I love walking my dog.

Work : Publicis, Bozell Wymans, DDB Needham, Belga news agency, Cafe-Racer magazine, Desmo magazine, Singapore Airlines, The Ride and The Ride II, Bike-Exif, Silodrome, Emakina, Universum, Aka Moon, Iron and Air, Ride Free, Moto-Navi, l’Eventail, Spirit-Catcher, Joshua, Snap magazine, Flair magazine, Victoire magazine 
Based in Belgium and will travel.

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