I am always on the lookout for bikes and bikers when I travel.
Bikes are used all over the world as a mean of transportation. People all over use them because of their cost/practicality ratio.
I love finding abandoned bikes, especially in the weirdest places.
What was the story of this one? How long has it been there? Why here? Sometimes it is just like they have been placed there on my road, for my entertainment, they make for nice stories.
Try to spot this one the next time you find yourself in Koh Jum, Thailand.
Ko Jum or Ko Pu is a part of Nuea Khlong District in Krabi Province, Thailand.
Ko Jum consists of three villages: Ban Ko Pu, Ban Ting Rai, and Ban Ko Jum.
Ko Jum is approximately 25 kilometers south of Krabi town on the Andaman Sea.

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