I remember a family holiday in France as a kid in 1984.
We were just outside of Arles, the hotel was crawling with people holding cameras, sometimes "shooting at stuff".
That day I was wearing a funny cap and this woman asked my mom (and me) if it was ok to take my portrait in front of a white wall.
We said yes, I was hooked.
I received my first own camera in 1985, graduated from photography school in 1993, and became freelance.
Until 2017 I worked in the fields of advertising, press, and corporate.
I now concentrate on my personal projects and focus on film photography.
You can reach me on Instagram @fredgpauwels or by email fred@fredpauwels.com

Find me elsewhere on the Internet:
kowani.com - Traveling the world with Sindy and the Kids
staytruemag.com - Zine, a visual exploration of the motorcycling world, 7 editions
Clients and publications : Publicis, Bozell Wymans, DDB Needham, Belga news agency, Cafe-Racer magazine, Desmo magazine, Singapore Airlines, Gestalten - The Ride and The Ride II, Bike-Exif, Silodrome, Emakina, Universum, Aka Moon, Iron and Air, Ride Free, Moto-Navi, l’Eventail, Spirit-Catcher, Joshua, Snap magazine, Flair magazine, Victoire magazine, Aubergine management ...
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